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'duty 3 mm thick eyelet clamps'
castor wheels medium duty fabricated model thick plate secured with centre pin & options of different wheels available like, Cp, pu, rubber, Ci. etc. matching fix , & brake available, double lock with on/off system, which ensures swivel as well as wheel lock. sizes of 4×2; 6×2; 8×2 available. load carrying capacity of 250. - 300 kg / castor available.
heavy duty castor wheels with taper roller bearings & thrust bearing in swivel head with nylon wheels with ball bearing for heavy loads carrying & effortless movement at max loads even by a single user. wheels available in multiple options of nylon, ci pu , rubber , cast iron & matching fix castor & options of lock also available. sizes starting from 4×2 , 6×2 , 8×2 , etc For more info visit us at
medium duty fabricated model thick plate secured with centre pin available
Apex castors model C 100, medium duty pressed steel castor, double ball race; secured with thick centre pin . sealed ball bearings for effort free movement, for load carrying upto 0 - 1000 kgs on 4 wheels. this model is most suitable & fast moving. load carrying depends on dia of wheels & floor conditions
castor wheels for every applications like. industrial in plant, wheels for pharma industry, poultry industry, packaging industry, hospital applications, food industry etc. good stocks are maintained for immediate customer requirements, wide range of products available to suit every customer needs. we are serving customers since 1975,